basement progress—Abby's room

Welcome to Abby's room! (Part 2 of our basement remodel tour)

We have some artwork to create and some things to hang on the wall, but for the most part, Abby's room is complete. (Try to ignore the blue tape in the upper right corner of the door. Of course you probably didn't even notice until I pointed it out.)

We used the desk and bed from our old guest room in Utah. Her shelves were in her old room. Her bedside pendants were from CB2 and I had purchased them ages ago after our dining room light fiasco. After finding out they were not hard wired, I stuck them in a closet to use eventually. I was so happy to use them in here! The throw pillows on her bed were purchased from Target and used to be on the couch in our family room. In fact, the only thing we bought brand new for her room was her cute Land of Nod duvet and shams and a mirror from IKEA. I love how we have a completely new room with things we mostly already had!

She will have closet doors—as soon as we get them painted. And we are going to put some magnet boards up above her desk for her to hang things on.

I wish I had a picture of the old light fixture, but it wasn't pretty. The new rooms are all fitted with multiple can lights on dimmers. It is so much nicer than one central dim light in the room.

As it goes with older homes, the floors in every room of the basement were cracked and heaved in the middle. As a result, carpet was about our only flooring option (except for the traffic areas where we laid cork). Abby's room features the same carpet we chose throughout... a very subtle green. Her floors were particularly uneven, which presented quite a challenge when trying to level the shelves below her window. Oh well, with the wide-angle lens warp, you can't see the uneven flaws anyway.

The trouble with not touching a house for 40 years is that some of it is actually back in style now. And I know at least a few of you are going to say "What??? Why did you change that?" But I'm pretty sure brown shag carpet and orange bedding didn't suit my 8-year old daughter's taste.

Her new room is a bit more grown up than her old one. (Sniff, sniff.) She also had absolutely no trepidation about sleeping in the basement, even before her room was nice and new.

What do you think? More to come!