upstairs plans—bedrooms

Are you overwhelmed with our project list yet? I am. And I'm not finished. Next up, the girls' bedrooms. They are highlighted in yellow:

Since I made this layout we've made a few changes to our plan. When we upgraded to a king bed, we swapped out the guest mattresses and were planning to get rid of the oldest of the queen mattresses we owned. Instead, we decided to keep them all and use one in Eva's room. We moved the other twin bed back in Sarah's room (so she has two beds in her room. Great for sleepovers, right?) Sarah's room below:


1. With two twin beds the flow is a little tight around her closet, so I am considering removing the doors and just putting curtains up. I would dress the two windows with the same curtains. I neglected to catch the window in my photos, but there is a large one on the left, making this such a great light and bright bedroom. (You can see other views from before we moved in here.)

2. The old original blue carpet will go and I want to put in white stained pine floors.

3. We will scrape popcorn off the ceiling, paint, and update the trim.

4. Looking back toward the door you can see the sink. I want to take this out. I'm not really a fan of having water in the bedroom, and I could use this space for a desk later. 

This is Eva's room:

5. Same routine: new flooring (also white pine), new paint, scraped ceiling, and new trim.

6. Must have a new light fixture for this room. The ceiling fan must go. Its low enough to bump your head on.

7. And I NEED to get window treatments sooner rather than later. The morning sun wakes Eva up much too early for this momma.

8. I removed the doors on the lower part of the built-ins, but after living with it, I think I might put them back on again for a cleaner look. (More images here).

I already mentioned that we put a queen bed in this room. I purchased a quilt for it that will be the basis for her entire room design. I can't wait to show you—someday! The brown chair won't stay. Tom has laid claim on it (though I'm not sure where it will go?) once I am done using it to rock the baby.