Eva—14 months old

Last week Eva passed the 14 month mark. Here are 9 little pictures and 9 things about Eva at this age:

1. What a blossoming little personality she has. If you're lucky you'll receive a toothy grin and squinty little eyes. If you aren't so lucky, you might get the evil eye (or Eva eye, as Tom calls it).

2. Speaking of toothy grins, she still only has 4 little teeth in there. A late bloomer in the tooth department.

3. And speaking of late blooming, well, I'm trying not worry too much about the fact that she hasn't started walking yet. She just loves to crawl too much. When you try to hold her hands and walk her, she protests and fights to get down on her knees.

4. And speaking of knees (how far do you think I can take this segue?—enough of that), hers are red and raw from crawling so much on the wool carpet. She crawls around this house a mile a minute and explores every cupboard and closet.

5. She is going to be a musical little one. She loves to sit at the piano and play. Sometimes she lets me play along with her (as long as I don't interfere and keep my hands way in the lower and upper registers) and sometimes she adamantly removes my hands so she can play alone. After a while she closes the lid on my hands. Done. Sunday morning she holds the hymn book right up to her nose and sings along.

6. As of yesterday, we are done with nursing. I suppose it is as hard on momma to let it go as her, but it is time, and she finally has taken to a sippy cup. When she was slow to take to cow's milk, we started giving her vanilla almond milk instead. As she took to that, we slowly mixed in cow's milk until the almond milk is now just like a shot of sweet creamer.

7. Eva will eat just about anything. But when she doesn't want to eat it she lets you know by dropping it piece by piece on the floor.

8. She is sleeping consistently through the night from about 9:30 to 6:45. Sometimes (Saturday, for instance) I wish she would let me sleep in a little, but most of the time it is a perfect time to get up and start breakfast for everyone. It should work right into the school schedule when we start in just over a week. (Ack!)

9. We love and treasure her so so much. That's all.