state fair

Here is our State Fair experience, Hipstamatic style:

(Uh-oh. Two Hipstamatic posts in a row. Perhaps I should get my real camera out once in a while?)

Grandpa and Grandma took Eva for a few hours so we were able to spend most of our time watching the girls enjoy the rides without worrying about keeping a baby happy. All the while the Blue Angels were flying overhead and I wondered if we shouldn't have instead spent Tom's limited time off work at the Air Show. But he said he'd rather do what made the girls happy. Such a nice daddy. After they had their fill of the rides we stopped at the petting zoo with a porcupine (yes, really), then we all starred in a play about Farm Animals traveling through time on an airplane. All because they had a mister at that tent. It was a very hot, sticky day. Made stickier after the cotton candy.