they don't make things like they used to

Before school started the older girls spent a week with their grandparents in Bozeman. To get them back we met them part way in between at the lake. The kids had been there for the weekend, but we only had a couple of hours to try out Papa's new boat.

This thing is a classic from the 1960's. He got it for $900 as part of payment for a job he did. I guess they say you get what you pay for, but its a pretty sweet relic. You know when you see a classic and it just makes you feel like it was built to last?


The dash is all retro but functional—even the depth finder, which goes "click, clickety, click" as it runs.

And here is the driver, enjoying the ride on the back of the boat:

Wait. Did I just say he was driving from the back of the boat? Oh yeah. Did I mention the motor doesn't work? It can be fixed. I'm sure of it. But for now we had to enjoy the ride with the trolling motor. No big deal. Just sit back, relax, and put your feet in the water.

Eva even enjoyed the ride.

The kids tried out the tube. It looks like they are all about to fall off!

But I'm pretty sure we were going less than 5 mph.

So, bad motors aside, have any of you enjoyed any relics lately and appreciated how they used to make things? I think its awesome when older things are well maintained and appreciated for what they are instead of discarded.