Since I've been a little neglectful with my posts lately, here is my typical brain dump update:

We have 100 acres left to harvest, so with any luck we will FINALLY finish today. It has seemed to really drag out this year for some reason (we started late, planted a ton of acres, had a couple of weather delays, and lots of broken down equipment, for starters). The girls have a 4 day weekend that we are really hoping to take advantage of. The camper is pulled out front and if I can muster up the energy to start packing it up we will go find a place to camp for the weekend.

I've taken very few photos this harvest for some reason, but I do have a few and I'll try to post a harvest recap soon.

Speaking of photos, I happily spent my eBay profits and bought my new camera (the Canon 60D) and flash and it came in the mail yesterday! I have charged the battery but haven't even turned it on yet. I'm hoping to dive into it this weekend and learn how to use it. The controls are slightly different than my old one, and I have no experience using an external flash. I'm really hoping this new camera renews my motivation to shoot more (and thus have more material to share here!)

I also bought my new vacuum with my leftover camera money, the Dyson Animal DC28. I spent all day Monday in the combine and heard over and over on the radio about a promotion Sam's Club was running starting on Wednesday. Their deals included $150 off a Dyson vacuum. Wednesday morning I called them to make sure they had them in stock since they didn't show on their website—they had only one!!! What kind of store runs a promotion on something they only have one of? (Rant.) I asked them to hold it for me, but they wouldn't do it. So I made a special trip to town and two hours later I pulled into Sam's Club and made a beeline for the vacuums, pulling the one and only box onto my cart. Literally seconds later, a woman came up behind me looking for the same vacuum. I apologized and said I grabbed the last one, and she said, "No problem, they'll have more!" I didn't have the heart to tell her they didn't in fact have any more and they wouldn't be getting any more in. Stupid. But nevertheless I was happy I'd made it just in time and enjoyed my $150 discount. I've taken it out of the box and tried it out. Its a heavy sucker (pun intended)—heavier than my old Dyson—but it really does suck (literally). I should have the cleanest house on the block in no time. Ha. (That was a long story about a vacuum, wasn't it? I told you this would be a brain dump.)

The girls really enjoyed their first two weeks of school. I really love witnessing their independence as they make new friends and settle into their own routines. They have also started soccer practice twice a week and I've started piling the miles on the "ranch limo" again, running back and forth to fetch them. Soon there will be piano lessons too. It keeps us moms hopping, doesn't it? As much as those extracurricular activities add busyness to our lives, I also believe it is critical to the success and confidence of our kids to give them opportunities to develop skills and accomplishments of their own. Those extracurricular experiences really shaped me as a child. I'm going to try to remember that instead of focusing on how much extra work it adds for me. 

House projects have really stalled out this summer since farm work (and supplying the farmers) has required all our time. I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things soon so I have more material to blog about finally! First on the list is finishing up some yard projects. My curb appeal is sorely lacking lately. I'll be sure to keep you informed of our progress (in between seeding and spraying and other fall farm work). 

I'll be back shortly with a Feng Shui Friday post, and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!