Eva–15 months old

Wow, time is a-flyin'. In my typical baby book blog fashion, here are a few things I don't want to forget.

Eva at 15 months:

She has 2 more teeth, bringing the count to 6. And she loves to use those chompers to eat corn on the cob! In fact, if she doesn't get to try everything on the table that every else has, she makes her displeasure known. (Fortunately, she doesn't seem to be a hard teether. Yeah, she gets a little fussy and irritiable, but it doesn't last forever. And she is still sleeping like a champ. Putting her to bed and letting her sooth herself—even if it means crying it out for a bit—makes all the difference.)

Oh boy, is she in love with her Daddy. Now that harvest is over she gets to enjoy more quality time with him and their bond is growing stronger and stronger.

And she is walking . . . on her knees. (Not her feet). I know! That should be harder, right? Silly goose. I'm pretty sure she is close to getting it. At least she lets us walk her around holding her hands now.

She loves to give out kisses. Usually a sweet little peck, but sometimes it comes out more as a slobbery lick.

She is fond of her sisters, too. Especially Abby. And Abby is a great little helper. Eva is blowing a kiss in this picture. So cute!

Time flies and these kids won't stop growing! I have a few birthdays sneaking up on me in less than a month (Sarah, Tom, and Abby). Yikes! Must. Get. Busy.