camera accessories

As everyone knows who starts down the road of improving their photography skills, it leads to a dangerous roller coaster of spending. First you want a new lens, then another. And then you upgrade your camera, and pretty soon you have a huge new list of must-haves. That has definitely been my experience. 

Oh, but I am so enjoying my new camera already (the Canon 60D). Here are the first 3 shots I snapped:




Snap. Straight out of the camera—not bad. Nothing remarkable, yes, but I can already tell my new camera is so much more light sensitive. I love it.

All my old lenses still worked, of course, as did my memory cards. But since it has video, I did purchase a bigger card. And I had to purchase a new spare battery. And I bought a new flash and filter for it. It doesn't end there.

My new camera is bigger than the old one (here is a {bad iPhone shot} of the old Rebel and new camera side by side so you can see the size difference) and the lens that came with it is larger than my old one as well. (18-135 as opposed to 18-55mm.)

The trouble is, now with the bigger camera and new flash, I am having trouble fitting everything into my cute little backpack I've always used. I love the size of it—so easy to take with me everywhere. 




My mom would happily trade me for her larger basic black Canon bag, which would hold everything much more easily and save me from dropping another couple $100 on a tempting but highly impractical chic leather bag. (Ha.) 

On the other hand, I'm wondering if I would regret letting go of my small bag. So, shutterbugs, is it better to have a bigger bag so you can carry all your equipment with you, or leave a lens or two at home and travel lightly? Please advise.







I'm pretty sure I should also be in the market for a new camera strap. I mean, it would be way cheaper than buying a new bag, right? And it would distinguish my camera from the millions of other black Canons floating around in the world. Here are few on that caught my eye:

maddlebee123, $23.50PorteenGear, $45.00 (Ouch, but beautiful)
Couch, $21.95sizzlestrapz, $49.99What do you think? Which would you choose? Maybe I should make my own... hmm? I love the richness of the leather straps, but I'm also digging the first one with the lens cap pocket. What a great idea. Happy Friday!