Yikes. I have a lot to catch you up on.

Let's start with a pooch update.

Why would you care about our pooch? Well, we've had an interesting turn of events. You might remember almost a year ago when we bought the girls their first puppy for Christmas

And then, eight months later I shared the bad news of his untimely end.

By now you might have guessed that we have a new puppy, even though we said we were done with that business. What you don't know was how serendipitous it all was.

About a month after Ben died I got a text from my cousin/closest neighbor.

"Guess who's pregnant? ........Molly!" (Their dog.)

Considering our distance from neighbors, there was only one logical explanation to this. We were rather naive in missing why our eight-month old puppy might occasionally like to visit the neighbors. Yep, daddy had to be Ben. He had left a little gift for all of us.

Of course, then we had no choice but to plan on welcoming a little Ben puppy back into our lives. It was just meant to be.

Tom decided we would pick a boy and name him Benson (Ben's son)! Molly (an English lab) had 7 beautiful golden.... girls. All 7 of them. Just Tom's luck. (Ha!) Their was no doubt they came from Ben. They definitely had a mix of Molly's light short hair and Ben's longer red hair. A great mix.

We attempted to pick the most mellow of them to bring home, and in the tradition of Ben's we named her "Benny".


It gets better. Tom's dad took one of her sisters and named her Benadine. (What? You think we might be taking this Ben thing a little too far?) Tom's sister has a Golden in London and they named her Benita. After a history of about 7 male Golden Retrievers named Ben, we now have 3 females in the family.

Even though we really had absolutely no choice in the matter and had to take one of these puppies, we really couldn't have asked for a better puppy. We adore her. She still has plenty of energy, but in general has been easier than Ben was. (It's because she's a girl. Don't tell Tom I said that.)

For a while I wasn't sure if a puppy was really news I was excited to share. But now that she has been with us for a few weeks I can happily say we are very happy to have her. But now I'm curious. In your experience, are girl dogs more calm than boy dogs?