pies and pottery

Happy Monday everyone—hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! We hosted dinner at our house again this year. It is definitely my favorite holiday to cook for. Typically I delegate the pie duty to others since I have one boring glass pie dish in my drawer. 

But this year, when the team at my favorite pottery studio, Mountain Arts Pottery in Bozeman, Montana contacted me to see if I would like to help promote them for the holidays in trade for some product, I immediately thought. . . "pie dish"! 

What their marketing help didn't realize was that I was already well stocked with their pottery and that I would happily say nice things about them all day for nothing in return (shhh :). 

Dave and Jenny, the owners of Mountains Arts, happen to be cousins to my father-in-law. They are also some of the most generous and kind people I know. I've had their pottery on their Christmas list for years. Currently my count includes a gravy boat, a gorgeous red batter bowl and whisk, a pasta bowl, and their amazing coffee mugs. (The beautiful casserole dish at the top of this post belongs to my mom, who also owns several pieces.)

The mugs are the favorites at our house.


I have had one for years that they gave me as a college graduation gift. When it accidentally met my tile floor a year ago, Tom immediately ordered a replacement to give me for my birthday. At one point we bought one for him, too. They are a generous size, which is great for these coffee lovers, but for me the best thing is the large handle. They are much easier to hold than most coffee cups. 

The pie dish they sent is beautiful. I requested the charcoal red river color that matches my pasta and batter bowls. I decided to make this Meyer lemon pie from Smitten Kitchen and it turned out pretty good for this pie novice if I say so myself!

The prettiest part is the red river of glaze running through the bottom of the dish.

If you live in the area, I highly recommend you stop by their shop in Bozeman to see all of their pieces. It is on your way to Bozeman from Yellowstone park if you are visiting from there! While you're at it you must order a cinnamon roll and cup of coffee from the Coffee Pot Bakery Cafe that they run along side their pottery business. Melt-in-your-mouth amazing. 

If you can't afford that luxury, at least take a minute and check out what they have available on their website, www.mtartspottery.com. They have gift certificates too! I've noticed a huge push in the blogging world to buy independent, and this is a fantastic option. I promise—a gift of pottery will disappoint no one, and its often a great gift for that particularly difficult person to buy for. Even the men in your life will love a coffee mug like this.

Stay warm out there!