baby McKenzie

When I launched my design business Joellyn Clark Designs, I included photography as part of my services, along with Interior Design and Graphic Design. I thought it was important to have a diverse skill set to get enough business in my small rural area, and so far I have kept busy with projects in all three areas. 

I have had a hard time having the courage to share my photo work here on the blog. You see, I have worked with some really really amazing photographers in my career as a designer, and I know how hard each of them have worked to refine their craft and how competitive and difficult a field it is to make a living. I know how expensive equipment can be and how much they have invested. I can't/won't even pretend to compete at their level, nor do I want to make as big as an investment into this area. I don't and probably won't ever have a studio. I prefer to shoot with natural light in natural settings. However, I kept getting requests to do photography, and I figured I might as well get paid for what I am doing. My design background is an asset and I do know I at least I have more skill than the average person with a digital camera. And so, I am going to make an effort to share some of my work here. 

And to those afore mentioned Photographers I know and love (you know you you are), I welcome your feedback and criticisms because I know how valuable it is to learn from others. Working alone can be difficult sometimes and I miss that element of support!

Without further ado, here is the beautiful baby McKenzie, born back in December. I could cuddle and smell her sweet baby smell all day long.