basement progress—painting

So, progress has slowed a bit in our basement due to the holiday festivities, but we have been trying to get some painting done in our basement. We had a bit of a hiccup, however. We got our paint from Home Depot (Behr—Sandstone Cliff), and it looks like the swatch on the left (below). The problem is, the first can we opened looked like the swatch on the right. And we painted a room and a half with it before we realized it was a bad can.

But we ran out of paint before we could finish edging the first room, so we have to repaint it all in the lighter color. In the second room, Tom finished rolling in the lighter color, but it had some darker mixed into the paint tray. So when I did the edging, it turned out like this:

So we will be rerolling that room too. Nothing like doing the work twice. Oh well. Soon the rooms will all look like this:

The ceiling is Behr also (Powdered Snow).

Our base and case is due to arrive on Monday, and our doors the following Monday. We are making a trip to town next week to order flooring. Next on the agenda: make a plan for the tile in the bathroom. Lots to do!