Craig's List find: followup

The dresser and nightstands have been acquired!

Not that I needed another project right now, or more furniture in my garage. I was able to purchase them without the bed, so thats good. She told me they were solid wood so I didn't look very closely when we picked them up, but when we got home I could see they were not. So I am a little dissapointed, but I don't have a lot of money into them and will try to refinish them anyway. It still has dove-tailed drawers and has has held up pretty well over the years.

I had a few of my own things to get rid of, so I listed this couch on Craig's List:

We bought it from my Grandpa for $5 in our family auction. I think it has a lot of mid-century charm, but the apolstery is thread-bare, several of the legs are broken, and it is missing quite a few buttons. I didn't have time for the project, nor did I have a good place to put it in our house. So I sold it for $50. Not bad! :)

I also sold the washer and dryer that was in the house. We intended to use them at first and sold our old set in Salt Lake. But when I ran the first load I noticed the water wasn't flowing in very well and ran my finger along the base of the rim to find lots of mucky hard water deposits. I wasn't too thrilled about washing my newborn baby clothes in it. We opted to buy a water-efficient front load model and so far I have no regrets. Water shortages are unfortunately a common occurance around here, and we do a LOT of laundry, especially with the cloth diapering. I cleaned up the old set and sold them very easily.

I am a huge fan of Craig's list (aside from the occasional creepy stuff) and I'm going to be a selling fool! I have some things to sell on ebay. I'll share my successes (and failures) as I go!