house progress report

With all the craziness around here it is hard to keep up with a daily posting habit. But this time the craziness is due to this: We have finally started working on the house! The weather turned colder this week which turned the guys indoors. I'm not complaining about the cold.

So now two of the back rooms in the basement are down to the studs. Most of the interior walls will remain intact, except in this room where we are relocating a closet. The exterior walls are all getting new insulation and updated wiring.

And I've been busy doing this:

Seems a little silly now that we bothered to unpack anything in the basement, just to repack it a couple of months later. Abby is moving back upstairs into Sarah's room for ahwile, and we are making as much room as possible in our storage room for our basement furniture to be stored out of the way while we work and until carpet is installed.

My job has been to consolidate the boxes in this room, and hopefully soon it will be stacked to the gills with our basement furniture. So there you have it—our first progress report and one happy momma!